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Welcome to the official website for the Lake County Water Resources Department. The Lake County Water Resources Department works to restore, conserve, and advocate as stewards of Lake County's watersheds. Lake County hosts the largest natural lake in California and the oldest lake in North America, Clear Lake. 
To promote both an environmentally and economically sustainable watershed, the Water Resources Department is tasked with: Aquatic Plant Management, Aids to Navigation, Groundwater Monitoring, Flood Management, Lakebed Management, Highland Springs Recreation Area, Stormwater Management, Surface Water Quality Monitoring, and Environmental Education / Outreach.
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Frequently Used Applications/Forms

Lakebed Encroachment Permit
Contractors on Clear Lake
Highland Springs Hunting Permit
Highland Springs Property Usage Permit
Aquatic Plant Management Permit
Water Complaint Form



Chapter 23 - Clear Lake Shoreline Ordinance
Chapter 25 - Floodplain Management
Chapter 26 - Clear Lake Integrated Aquatic Plant Management Program Ordinance  
Fee Schedule (Effective July 1, 2022)